January 01, 2014

Learn to Speak Dog

Day 1 of January's Train Your Dog Month

Learn to Speak Dog

Learn to Speak Dog -- NTYD Month Day 1

Until you understand how to read your dog's body language, training is going to be very difficult. Even safety and bite prevention are rooted in observation of your dog's body language.    If he's stressed, fearful, or frustrated you will not achieve the desired results of training.   Be assured though, in every situation your dog is learning something from your response or lack thereof.

The graphic below is one of the best I have ever seen about helping people to read their dog's message.   It's by a great illustrator Lily Chin of Doggie Drawings.    Get familiar with it.   Observe your dog carefully over the next few days.   Observe him in new environments, when you take him out to the park, retail stores, or the local cafe.   Observe him when visitors come over.

Observe his eyes.  His Tail.  His ears.   His body itself.  There is a very clear message there.  Very Clear. 

Learn to read your dog and pay attention always!

Aging, Pain, New people, new dog, new environments, new objects,  all affect his response.  

These are not personality traits.   We'll cover that soon.  These are messages of the moment reflecting exactly how he feels at that time.   He has no poker face.

If you observe you'll learn to understand what your dog is saying.   Communications between the two of you will be come much clearer and you'll all be happier.

Coming up --

What is your dog's personality -- it matters to how you train him.

What YOUR body language says to your dog.


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Dana Brigman
The K9 Coach
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